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Filtra scene of FIFA 18 Race Mode with new details

Electronic Arts already made it clear in Gamereactor that we should wait for the Gamescom to have all the news about fifa 18 coin generator ps4  . But while there are only ten days left to celebrate the fair in Cologne, a new leak shows some details about the realism added this season.

The Best FIFA Experience till Date

In a video filtered to the Network and collected among others by SportBible you can see one of the cutscenes of cinematic style, incorporating a decision-making system inspired by El Camino (The Journey) mode and that, therefore, well Could come out of other narrative experiences like Dragon Age or Life is Strange .

Just before you see a "Transfer Deal Hub", and then clicking on "negotiate", an in-game scene can show how the managers and representatives feel (apparently the players themselves may appear too and not Only its agents) to discuss the terms of the contracts and the offers that are coming. These terms also incorporate as complex and current concepts such as renewal premiums or transfer or termination clauses (which 

has also incorporated PES 2018 this year for a 'mercato' fairer).

Are you more of FUT or Career Mode? Leave your comment below, remembering that FIFA 18 comes out for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and the previous generation of Sony and Microsoft on September 29.

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Forget the first impressions of FIFA 18 that we brought you on Saturday night. Those were from the PS4 version, Xbox One and PC, about the Frostbite engine. In our visit to EA Play 17 we were able to test the version of Switch, which is very close in content but different in technique, to bring these impressions to the point in what is different.


The most important thing is the gameplay, and turned out to be much better than we expected. We expected a manifest inferiority compared to the other versions, and although it is true that in this aspect also does not reach the same level, as in the graph, it does manage to convey that feeling of modern gameplay FIFA. There are differences in the elegance of the movements and in the response to your orders, probably the consequence of that technical progression of the animation by pixel that releases Frostbite. But physics-based rendering distances earlier versions.

FIFA 18 Switch runs on a new version of the traditional engine developed exclusively for this occasion, has told the producer Andrei Lazarescu. That is why EA Sports considers it a version between generations. Lighting and 3D rendering of turf and audience are two aspects of context that help make the visual impression more current. The flat elements have remained in the past.



The most prominent feature is that way to exploit the design of Nintendo Switch, that is, play tabletop, laptop and tablet-top in all modes, even multiplayer with a single pair of Joy-Con controls. As for the format, with the dock runs at 1080p resolution and on laptop low to its maximum of 720p, with the promise that it always flows at 60 frames per second.

Our first game with FIFA 18 Switch was with the pair Joy-Con, in which case it is controlled quite normal because the mapping is practically identical to what ever. What can complicate you is that it follows the Nintendo scheme in menus that exchanges the sense of accepting and rejecting. Where there are the biggest doubts is how the game will behave but the best thing to have is fifa 18 free coins  to get fut 18 coins and this is the best fifa 18 trick to use in here when you only have one Joy-Con for each player, but we did not have the chance to try it.

A couple of games are not enough to take the feeling to this game, to which we are still looking for the point. Especially because of the impact we received just seeing it after the negativity of the last days, from which we had let it spread. The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 is a totally viable and respectable option, because the sacrifice of graphics and gameplay does not seem to muddy the experience, although it is true that we have not had time to put all the exquisite that requires a sporting title of first level. Its qualities, especially make it portable, make it very attractive even as a complement to the others. We leave with the feeling that EA Sports has done a good job.